Arbeit macht Freizeit

The concept of the Modern Man was invented in the late 1900th century. Reading a book about the life and work of Horatio, the writer claims Horatio as a modern man. Hence draggin antiquity into the modernist thought of man, making him contemporary, constructing him into something comprehensible. In reference to M.I.A… putting him into the pot and spitting him out as something difference.
Now, we say that an era is framed and named after its decline, antiquity, the middle ages, the renaissance etc., and claiming Horatio as a modern man is quite the postmodern way of doing things. Ergo: postmodernism is either the decline of the modernist thought or its being incorporated and swallowed in the modernist pot, leaving only a flavour hinting: Originality is not relevant, only the original.
Someone said (it may have been Wittgenstein): The difference between craftsmanship and genius is that the former hits the target straight while the latter hits what noone else can see.
What the pot spits out is a paraphrase.


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