Another colonist sent to space

As Kung Korv left us without any other trace than a broken circuit (probably to help this kind family finding their new home on the far island of Koh Samui, where they will spread the old fine traditions such as rule of thumb, white mans burden, we come in peace, no means yes etc etc), … Continue reading

Download Kung Korv’s Bloodsports remix of Bright Lights Big City

Kung Korv, valued friend and Delta Airlines baggage handler has taken time out from he’s busy schedule handling strangers impedimenta to give us a funky, dancy, fully shit remix of Bright Lights Big City. You can listen or download here: Kung Korv claims this will be a big dance hit this year, playing from … Continue reading

Are we human?

For certain. We are not dancer, our signs aren’t vital. Had i the opportunity i would for certain use every inch of my power to take the life of these “killers”. I would not wilt, my ambition is vaulting. A gale, a storm of violent power, a small pocketknife in the small pocket of your … Continue reading