Are we human?

For certain. We are not dancer, our signs aren’t vital. Had i the opportunity i would for certain use every inch of my power to take the life of these “killers”. I would not wilt, my ambition is vaulting. A gale, a storm of violent power, a small pocketknife in the small pocket of your chest. No dictature of no Burma, no leak of oil, no leak of penis will stop me. My wrath will come down like the egypt king on Moses, like Israel on a shipment of food. Fear me, because i am the sum of my ambitions, a living weapon, a seventies James Bond, only uglier, pathetic, superhuman, more beautiful, and never driven by money. Only vitrious hate.

“I will prevail!” i scream and collapse.

Nobody makes good music. It has been like that for more than ten years. It’s true. Is the truth too brutal for you? Is that truth too brutal for you, Brutal Truth?

Don’t be in doubt flower man, i will take your fancy novelle vouge jacket and rip it to shreds. As will Brutal Truth. Now reach out to us like brothers Dan Lilker, im in the mood for a death pact.


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