Valutan finances new music with human trafficking

Ethics is important, most think so, few as much as ManhattanWoulf does. Apparently money, or valuta, is also of importance. Therefore Valutan has decided to start dealing in the business of human lifes. But why, oh my god? Well, we must finance the new work, must we not? Yes, we are also human. And these ethics, must be discussed.

This is what will happen. A nice (somewhat new and in good shape) ship will take on board refugees, from Guinea possibly. They will then be transported to Europe. To complicate the issue; the price will be somewhat cheap, yet not affordable, the cabins will be nice, yet without windows, the refugees have the hope of a new good life, but we will take them to italy.

So, are whe good or evil. Can you still listen to the music with a good conscience. These are the questions you must ponder.


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