Give Li Ka-shing more money, listen to Manhattan Woulf on Spotify

Eeyo; Manhattan Woulf now also on Spotify – Go there and play the songs to create REVENUE, in form of ROYALTIES, that will go straight into the pockets of business tycoon Li Ka-shing and British venture capitalists Wellington Partners. Advertisements

On Vacation

Yep, Valutan is taking a vacation, skinny dipping in the pool, drinking Pina Coladas from colossal pineapples. Hiding from the warm summer reign under collapsed freeway overpasses. But not to worry,we will be home soon. In the meantime, lets have our selfs a contest; Were are we? The winner gets a bottle of Strega straight … Continue reading

Are we human?

For certain. We are not dancer, our signs aren’t vital. Had i the opportunity i would for certain use every inch of my power to take the life of these “killers”. I would not wilt, my ambition is vaulting. A gale, a storm of violent power, a small pocketknife in the small pocket of your … Continue reading

Goodbye Jesus, Greetings Mehmet

Today we say goodbye to Jesus, ascending to heaven, goodbye dear fellow. Also a day to remember Mehmet Ali Ağca, and therefore post up a great little piece by The Grey Wolves. We celebrate this day with Black Beluga, Turkish Delights and of course both wine and whining in abundance. “Every man at the beginning … Continue reading

Mindless Luxury, and Spotify

“The skylines lit up at dead of night, the air-conditioning systems cooling empty hotels in the desert, and artificial light in the middle of the day all have something both demented and admirable about them: the mindless luxury of a rich civilization, and yet of a civilization perhaps as scared to see the lights go … Continue reading

Arbeit macht Freizeit

The concept of the Modern Man was invented in the late 1900th century. Reading a book about the life and work of Horatio, the writer claims Horatio as a modern man. Hence draggin antiquity into the modernist thought of man, making him contemporary, constructing him into something comprehensible. In reference to M.I.A… putting him into … Continue reading

Bright Lights Big City Remix – get it.

That your hands are sore from breaking rocks, cutting down lumber and  loading off the docks all day is no excuse for not making a great remix. So one hand round the bottle of MD 20/20, the other on the keyboard, the work is done, et voilà: Download here:  Valutan – Bright Lights Big City … Continue reading

Carl Crack, your legacy lives on

M.I.A, alternative superstar sri lankan, made a somewhat derogatory remark about fellow label-mate Lady Gaga recently…

Beach house must die

The week starts on Monday. Cold porridge a la Doctor Fischer. Serious motor skill issues. Invited to Wild Lemongrass in south end. But honestly, this must be a sick joke…